Lawrenz, Carl J.

A Statement on "Defining Fellowship"
Concerning the Confessional Position and the Confessional Action of the WELS: Guidelines for a Communication to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Nigeria
The Holy Christian Church, the Communion of Saints
Elucidations and Additional Substantiations on “The Role of Man and Woman According to Holy Scripture”
What is the Function of the Church in Promoting Civic Righteousness?
WELS Efforts at Confessional Fellowship with the German Lutheran Free Churches
Theses on Church and State
A Statement on the Application of our Fellowship Principles
Some Significant Positions and Decisions at the Denver Convention of the LCMS
Selections From a Genesis Commentary (Gn 2:18-24 & 3:19-20)
The Scriptural Truths of the Church and its Ministry : As Confessed in the WELS and Reflected in its Practice
The Scriptural Principles Concerning Church Fellowship
Scriptural Principles as They Apply to Laws Governing the Schools of our Synod
The Role of Man and Woman According to Holy Scripture
A Report to the Protest Committee
Reflections Concerning Israel, the Restored Homeland of the Jews
Preparation for the Role of Tutor
The Philosophy of Secondary Christian Education
Pertinent Passages Pertaining to Prayer-Fellowship
Our Church Workers are Trained to be Witnesses at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Natural Law, Natural Knowledge of God, Civic Righteousness, and Their Application to the Boy Scout Question
The Importance of Our Mission Seminary Conference and Its Important Basic Concerns
The History of the Boy Scout Issue
Historical Background and the Comparison in Thought of the Biblical Commands in Matt., Rom., II Cor., and II Thess.
God's Unique Judgment of the Flood
Genesis III and the Contemporary Interpretation
Extent and Limitation of the Great Commission in Inner City Church Work
An Evaluation of Walther's Theses on the Church and its Ministry
Ethics Among Teachers
An Essay on Church Fellowship
The Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms (The Scriptural Distinction between Church and State)
The Doctrine of Confessional Fellowship
A Definitive Study of Proselytizing
The Clarity of Scripture as it Affects the Message of the Church (With Application to the Creation Account)
The Book of Genesis: A Survey
An Analysis of H.C. Schwan's Propositions on Unevangelical Practice
The Absolute Authority of the Word of God in Matters of Faith and Life
The 1904 Free Conferences in Michigan
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