Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Our Seminary in Watertown: 1863–1870
Foreword to Volume 110: KICKOFF 150/110
And How Can They Hear Without Someone Preaching to Them?
Assignment Service Sermon: Alone with the LORD
The History of the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Chapel: Where the Carers of Souls Receive Care for Their Souls
A History of Tuition and Financial Aid at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Edward Frederick Moldehnke: The Wisconsin Synod's First Seminary Professor
Heterogeneous Ideal: Education of Minority Students for Ministry in the Wisconsin Synod
It Was Necessary for the Michigan Synod to Transfer the Training of Its Seminary Students to the Seminary of the Wisconsin Synod
Professor Edmund Reim - A Man of Principle
Basic Requirements for Courses in Exegesis
Why Our Seminary Moved from Wauwatosa to Thiensville (Mequon)
Johannes Bading's Kollektenreise
Outline, Title, and Subject Indexes of the Mission Seminar Booklets from 1961-1984
Reflections on the Bethany Program
"He Loved Those Guys": Arnold Nemitz, Seminary Steward, 1941-1958
The Building of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
In the Land of God's Ancient People: A Look at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Summer Quarters in Israel, 1978-1982
Gustav Adolf Theodor Felix Hoenecke (1835-1908): By Grace, the Right Man at the Right Time in Wisconsin Synod History
Curricular Implications for Preparing Future Ministers to Become All Things to All People
The Seminary Curriculum: A Student's Perspective
The Role of the Seminary in Training of Pastors
An Evaluation of Our Present Ministerial Training Course
WLS Faculty Exchange/Sabbatical Program
The Pre-seminary Training of Second Career Men at Northwestern College
Reflections on the Interrelationship between the Theological Seminary and World Missions
The Impact or Influence of Our Theological Seminary during the 100 Years of Its History
The Aim of Our Seminary: To Train Consecrated Men of God
Professor Richard Balge
Interview with Professor Wilbert Gawrisch
Development and History of the Multi-Ethnic Pre-Seminary Program
A Student's Perspective of Professor Johannes Peter Carl Meyer Based on the Recollections of Some of His Students
The Vicar's Seminary Preparation and the Supervisor's Involvement in Training for Work in Education
The Bethany Program of Special Pre-Seminary Ministerial Training: Its Beginning, History, and Future
The Seminary Then...and Now
The Renovation of the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Chapel (2004-2005)
Graduation Sermon 2010: "We are More Than Conquerors"
Graduation Sermon 2009: Hebrews 3:1- "Fix Your Thoughts on Jesus"
Prof. John Philipp Koehler's 1930 Reminiscences: A Synopsis, Analysis and Application
An Evaluation of Professor Koehler’s Dealing with the Problem of Poor Singing and the Use of Poor Music in the Congregation
The Seminary Curriculum: The Rest of the Curriculum
Our Primary Calling--Providing Pastoral Candidates
New Testament Studies in the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Curriculum
Language Requirements for a Gospel Ministry
Church History in the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Curriculum
The Seminary's Ministry to Parish Pastors
We Have Put Our Hope in the Living God, Sermon on 1 Timothy 4:9-16
The Vicar's Preparation in Pastoral Theology from the Supervisor's Viewpoint
Spiritual Growth at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Our Church Workers are Trained to be Witnesses at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
The Vicar's Previous Preparation in Pastoral Theology
The Study of Practical Theology at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Priorities in Pastoral Education: 1929 and 2004
Ministering to Bring the Gospel to Our Countrymen and to the World
The Seminary's Unchanging Foundation in a Changing World: Sola Scriptura
In-Service Training of Students of Theology
The History of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary from 1863-1903
Index to Translated Quartalschrift Articles and Other Articles
Basic Requirements for Homiletical Courses
Two Pastoral Educators: John Meyer & Carl Lawrenz
Systematic Theology at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Old Testament Exegesis at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Homiletics at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary 1863-1963
The Seminary's Continuing Concern for Truth and Unity
The Parting of J.P. Koehler and the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
The Seminary's Unchanging Foundation in a Changing World: Sola Fide
The Seminary's Unchanging Foundation in a Changing World: Sola Gratia
Continuing in His Word - A History of the Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly
Commitment to Pastoral Education
Introduction to and Summary of Statement of Purpose and Objectives of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
The Seminary's Mequon Site before 1928
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