Controversy Surrounding the Question of the Moment of the Real Presence in the Lord's Supper and the Proper Scriptural Attitude

When does the bread and wine also become Christ’s body and blood in the sacrament of Holy Communion? Does it happen when the elements are consecrated? Does it happen when the recipient eats and drinks them? Or does it happen somewhere in between? In this paper Rick Curia explains that this matter should not concern us, because scripture doesn’t specifically give an answer. What should concern Christians is the fact that the bread and wine we receive truly is Christ’s body and blood. He then gives examples from various church fathers who identified the specific time it occurs, and states that although people can have their own opinions on the matter, one specific opinion can not be mandated, because scripture does not do so.

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18 1978 Senior Dogmatics Paper—Palm Sunday, 1978
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