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    • Don't be afraid! Cheer up! It's the cross! 

      Deutschlander, Daniel M. (2010)
      If Professor Deutschlander had written two more chapters for his book, The Theology of the Cross, these would be those chapters. Deutschlander shows us the pains and struggles that come from being a disciple of Christ, but ...
    • Luther and the State 

      Deutschlander, Daniel M. (1983)
      Luther’s attitude toward the state can be easily misunderstood from his writings. The application of his statements can be even more difficult. In order to understand Luther’s statements one needs to understand the historical ...
    • The Western Rite: Its Development and Rich History and Its Relevance for Our Worship Life Today 

      Deutschlander, Daniel M. (2008)
      Daniel Deutschlander offers in this presentation on the Western Rite that worship begins with a proper attitude on the part of the parishioners and their pastor–the focus must always be on Christ and the Means of Grace. ...