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    • Encouraging Christian Education in the Home 

      Degner, Steven C. (1978)
      The home is the main learning place for children, in fact the home has the strongest influence on a child. So how do we encourage families to make the home a center for Christian education? Degner offers scriptural basis ...
    • Not Ashamed of the Gospel in a Postmodern Age 

      Degner, Steven C. (1999)
      We are living in a postmodern culture. This is a culture that values emotion over truth. It appreciates narrative rather than history. Defining Postmodernism can be confusing, but this paper, filled with helpful illustrations, ...
    • Understanding Our Calling: The Doctrine of Christian Vocation in the Holy Scriptures 

      Degner, Steven C. (2006)
      Our God is a hidden God, but he is also a God who reveals himself in the most ordinary of ways. Our God takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. He has taken ordinary people and he gives them a calling in life. Through ...